What My Clients Are Saying

“Hi Hellen thank you for helping me overcome a barrier that has held me down most of my life. I felt a sense of release after my session. I never realised how much I truly needed this until I felt the weight lifted off my shoulders. RTT is a great natural method that has changed my life and I now believe it can change anyone’s life. I could not have picked a better and more understanding therapist”.

Sasha S

“I would like to express my new found happiness and gratitude to Hellen for helping me to transform my life .As an athlete I have had issues with Anxiety and self confidence around many aspects of my mind and performance . I felt like I could no longer go on . Going through a session with Hellen was life changing and has really cleared those thoughts. I’ve never felt better or more in tune with my emotions. Initially I felt apprehensive going to see someone but after speaking to Hellen on the phone I felt better as she explained everything. During the session I was comfortable as she was there with me through every step of the process. Straight after the session I felt different. I was no longer worried or anxious .I feel as though nothing can stop me now my confidence is right up there. I am back on the field and can honestly say I am a new man.  Thanks to Hellen for helping me .I highly recommend her for anyone going through a difficult time who needs help and guidance. She is a calm woman”

Mike  T

"Thank you so much Hellen I am feeling so great in charge of my emotions and myself.That is just amazing. I'll keep listening to the recording and practising this fresh way of enjoying my life. I can't record how used I to feel before those 21 days. Thanks."

Suzon L

“I came to Me Therapy to see Hellen with a lot of issues revolving around stage fright, low mood and self-esteem during my stage performances. I soon realised that the problem was related to something else completely which I had early in my childhood. I felt a definite release during and after my session as Hellen helped me to release this and strangely but so real, I felt cured immediately. Hellen explained the importance of the commitment to listening to the recording she made during our session for me. Which I did and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it every night before I slept for more than the recommended 21 days, this was simply because I enjoyed it. Hellen's voice was so calming and helped me to sleep better. I feel completely free and confident to just be me. I look in the mirror and can see the transformed person. I know that I am enough and I am loveable. To Hellen I say Thank you very much. To anyone in the industry looking for a therapist, you've come to the right place. Hellen is really caring and understanding. I can whole heartedly say, you have found the best one.”

Anna Lantern

I had an amazing experience with Hellen using RTT. I have experienced lots of different types of therapy and wellness treatments in the past so I was curious to see what RTT was like. Hearing it only takes 1-3 sessions to have life lasting changes sounded too good to be true! But it was honestly AMAZING....before the session I was in a place in my life where I felt lost, confused, lacking clarity, anxious, overwhelmed and overall just stuck a rut. After the session and in particular 3-5 days later I not only felt clear and decisive about what I wanted from life but I felt (and still feel) relaxed, calm and confident that everything is exactly as it’s suppose to be right now - and really everything is going to be fine because it is already fine! I now have my sparkle back and I’m excited to see what my future will bring but most importantly now I’m enjoying the journey along the way! 
Hellen is an amazing Therapist & Coach I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. If you are open to do the work you will get to the root of any issue and make the changes you need to move forward.

Lisa Geoghegan

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Hellen.  I feel like I have been reborn ready to begin my new life. You have changed my life and I will forever be grateful. I have tried so many other modalities of therapy and with just one session I feel on top of the world. Your gift is amazing. What more I say other than you are simply the best! 10/10

Lucy E


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