I am an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist – Qualified Psychotherapist

I specialise in building Confidence & Self Esteem for people within the Performing Arts /Sports Industry at all levels.

Having been a performer from an early age, I can honestly appreciate and understand the pressures that come with the territory. Later in life,I went through several career changes including being a Talent Manager/Director/CEO. My experience has provided me with a vast knowledge of working skills within Performance as well as other industries. I have worked with a variety of people including high-profile clients that include; Actors, Dancers, Models, Singers, Footballers, Agencies, Casting Directors, Managers, Producers, Directors, and Corporates. 

Confidentiality is guaranteed to all my clients.

I will work with anyone that wants help, to change and stop experiencing certain issues in their life .

My mission has always been to help people, to empower and enlighten as many lives as possible to reach their goals, in order to fulfill their dreams, which in turn I believe will have a ripple effect in humanity to positively impact change in the world. 

Everyone has a story. I too have transformed my life through different modalities of personal development, including hypnosis and RTT, having overcome many obstacles and issues. I truly believe that my experiences in my life both positive and negative, have allowed and motivated me to be the person I am today, living a renewed transformed aligned life, for which I am truly Grateful.


Giving back to the Universe and Humanity as a whole is important to me, as I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. I have been a volunteer Youth Worker with several Youth groups for over 10 years and have enjoyed every moment.
I particularly love working with teenagers too, as they have always fascinated me.
Personal growth and Continued Professional development have humbled me with a holistic approach to my work. Marisa Peer who has been my mentor and the Founder/Owner of Rapid Transformational Therapy has empowered me with new tools to help others and live my life freely. Understanding that everything begins with Self. With everything I have learnt and continue to learn, I now see and appreciate the simple fact of just being here is a cause for celebration. I recognise the core of every human being is Freedom, Happiness, Love and Peace.
If you are 100% ready to invest in yourself and truly believe that I can help you then please contact me.

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